Shelley Septer’s son, Zach, could never hold a job. He suffered from what she called an impulsive disorder. He would do things without thinking, dangerous things, things that would get him into trouble.
Brad Krueger moved to Fort Wayne from Chicago about six months ago, and he’s been looking to rent or buy a house in the southwest part of town.
For years – and years and years – Fred Baker couldn’t talk about what he did for a living.

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  • Ask a few questions to frustrate phone scam
    A Whitley County resident sent me an email last week with an increasingly common complaint. Her parents had been the victim of what is known as the grandma scam.
  • Goose survives winterís worst
    Last winter may have been tough in Fort Wayne, but at Hurshtown Reservoir near Grabill it was brutal.
  • Pesky carp walls in nature preserve
    It's all but official now. At Eagle Marsh and the Little River Wetlands Project along Engle Road, they've been trying to re-create natural habitat and reintroduce native species.