Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles keeps looking for ways to fill seats.
INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Doug Boles keeps looking for ways to fill seats.
They billed this as the Hendrick Chevies vs. the Penske Fords, with Joe Gibbs and his Toyotas somewhere down at the bottom of the credits with the key grips and the assistant to the assistant of the assistant producer.

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     INDIANAPOLIS – With a tinge of gray hair at his temples, his hat on backward and his two young children by his side, Jeff Gordon celebrated as if he was 23 years old again.
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    There’s a race car graveyard on his spread, down around Lake Norman in west-central North Carolina. And what would Sigmund Freud do with that, if he could slow down Dale Earnhardt Jr. long enough to put him on the couch?
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    They’ll show up in less than droves again, if history is any guide. And when did history not have the front row to itself at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?