A $4,000 grant will help area preschoolers and child care teachers continue toward the goal of United Way of Allen County Women United: to have all children be kindergarten-ready and succeed in school, officials said.
NEW HAVEN – Enrollment and staffing are down, circuit breaker losses are down and if all goes as projected, the tax rate for East Allen County Schools should decrease slightly next year.
They were told plenty of people were looking to tear them down, that they were in a war for the survival of public education and that they should be wary of politicians who haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in years.

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  • Business panel proposes IU govern IPFW
    Indiana University, not Purdue University, should govern IPFW, and the state's performance funding formula should reflect the number of students who graduate in five or six years instead of four.
  • Lawmakers question Pence's higher-ed cuts
    INDIANAPOLIS – Several fiscal-minded lawmakers on the State Budget Committee are wondering why Gov. Mike Pence’s administration is making cuts to higher-education budgets.
  • IU should govern IPFW, study recommends
    Local business officials presented the state with five recommendations Thursday for realigning the governance of IPFW to better meet the needs of the workforce, including transferring administration of IPFW from Purdue University to Indiana University, streamlining programs and adjusting the state's performance funding formula.