In the five months since an investigative report was declared evidence in former IPFW Chancellor Mike Wartell's lawsuit against Purdue University, university attorneys never asked for a court order to keep it from the public.
They used the name of a legitimate and well-known veterans organization and promised their money was going to help area veterans.
Between 1999 and 2013, Tazz Langston racked up five juvenile arrests, 16 misdemeanor arrests and five felony counts.

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  • 8-year sentence for jewelry thefts
    For six months she stole from the jewelry store where she worked, doctored receipts to make sure items she took looked as if they had been sold, and went to a pawn shop where she made quick cash. Now, she’ll serve prison time.
  • Local diocese to appeal discrimination ruling
    The local Roman Catholic diocese will appeal a recent court ruling in a sex discrimination lawsuit.
  • Women's Health ads stay off bus for now
    In a federal case involving bus advertisements and a local women's group, it appears Citilink is coming out ahead.