Jay Cameron and many of his neighbors on the south end of Westbrook Drive have lived there for 25 years or longer, and all in all, they seemed pleased with the neighborhood, even if their basements do periodically flood.
Steve Whitlock’s last dog lived for 13 years, a relatively long time for a dog, so when it died two years ago, he and his wife were sad.
The world is full of inventions that never quite took off, and more of them appear all the time.

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  • Fireworks to salute 10th tree lighting at Broadway
    The lighting of the Christmas tree at Broadway Plaza will be accompanied by fireworks this year to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the display.
  • 25,000 miles marked on the Rivergreenway
    For decades, Steve Fishbaugh was a jogger, but by the time he hit his mid-50s, he started getting cramps in his calves, and the running had to stop.
  • Big rigs wreak havoc at shopping center, making tenants mad
    About two years ago, the president of International Business College, Steve Kinzer, arrived at the school’s campus at the Village of Coventry to find two car-carriers parked in the area normally reserved for student parking.