For two weeks now, though not every day, I've been drinking free coffee at McDonald's in the morning.
Robert Frost wrote that good fences make good neighbors, and so far it appears that some fences along Westbrook Drive will continue to keep the residents and the city on good terms.
If you know anything about life on the Mississippi River in the ­early 1800s, you know it was anything but romantic.

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  • Men of Steel set to lead runners
    When the Fort4Fitness half marathon takes off Saturday morning, the first people out of the gate won't be runners at all.
  • Jimmy John's deliveryman's bid for double-marathon inspires others
    Eddie Ramos, the man who rode his bike 1,000 miles to Vermont to run a half marathon one day and a full marathon the next, might be a little disappointed with the results, but he sure has caught a lot of people's attention.
  • Deliveryman cycles past expectations
    Eddie Ramos has been working as a bicycle deliveryman for the Jimmy John's restaurant downtown for about two years now, and though it's not exactly a prestigious position, he's thrilled to have the job.