Indiana's effort to reverse an order that overturned the state's ban on gay marriage has squandered public time and resources.
Sgt. Henry Johnson was working as a train station porter when he enlisted in the unit that became known as the Harlem Hellfighters. About midnight May 15, 1918, he was standing guard duty with another soldier in France when they were attacked by about two dozen Germans.
Throughout this month, 40 AFS international high school students from 21 countries are scheduled to arrive in Indiana. They'll be traveling by bus, train and car to meet their host families in the coming days, after which they'll settle into a daily routine and, like many U.S.


  • Occupying Israelis deny the realities of history
    People watching the carnage in Gaza 2014 should consider the historical context. Palestinians have lost 95 percent of their country since 1948. Their land and rights have steadily diminished because Western powers decided to re-establish a Jewish homeland after 1900 years.
  • Single executive makes sense for Allen County
    As a lifelong resident of Allen County, I have observed some of the difficulties in dealing with county government. It seems that way too often, whenever there needs to be a decision on an important job-creation issue, the three commissioners are rarely on the same page.
  • Dreams of middle class were built on union gains
    Steve Shine is attempting to do what he is good at – making something ugly look better. Most of us have a pair of dress shoes we wear when the occasion calls for it.