My post-run routine is pretty simple: I don't have one.  Yes, it would be nice to have 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after my runs to roll, stretch, ice and whatever else it is that I'm supposed to be doing.
It's not easy to take a break in the middle of training, but sometimes you just have to.
Abby Roemke is a stay-at-home mother of 1-year-old twins who is training for her first Fort4Fitness half marathon.
Rebecca Bell, owner of Mindful Movements Pilates at 5750 Coventry Lane, offers these exercises for runners. The lineup offers moves that target the entire trunk and not just the abdominal muscles, including the hips, glutes and obliques.
The invitation was low key. Casual.  Just a friendly reminder that the F4F Practice Group run will be taking off from Baker Street Station at 7:30am on Saturday. We hope you can make it out, should be lots of fellow runners.
I liked to call it "clam hell." Though not all that clever, the nickname clearly articulated feelings for the exercise introduced to me during physical therapy last year.  The clamshell is a hip strengthening exercise that also recruits the glutes and improves balance in the pelvis.
Before April, it had been 10 years since Julie Pedraza had run more than a mile.
Emily Tumbleson says she's not a fast runner but the mother of two does love to run and the personal challenge that comes along the way.
It is my favorite kind of morning run. It was the kind where I get to sleep in and run without my 30-pound toddler in the stroller.
They say the beauty of running is that you can lace up your shoes and just go.
The weekend run highlights favorite long routes in and around the city. This week, we explore the east side of the River Greenway.
When my husband offered to pace me for the Fort4Fitness half marathon, I was worried about one thing - the potential that the stress of training might cause us to snap, nit pick or kill each other.  The one thing I didn't factor in was how the two of us would train - independently and together - as a family.  We first started running half marathons as a young married couple
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For those following a 12-week plan for Fort4Fitness, it is the thick of training. The runs are getting harder and the miles longer. The body and the mind are tired, but with five weeks still to go, there's time to doubt, worry and falter.