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Checking in with the Fit Crew

Amanda Findlay

How the week went: I have found that my new addiction is flavored water. There are a whole bunch of different flavors and it’s less than a dollar a bottle. Trying to drink eight bottles of water a day is hard, but with the flavored water you have a less boring taste, which makes it easier. My favorite flavor is black cherry, which is also my favorite flavor of ice cream. I think that’s the best part, you feel like it’s a treat when all it really is is water.

Jillian Findlay

How the week went: To switch it up a little this week, I would like to share a new, extremely helpful gizmo that my mom just recently picked up on one of her garage sale-ing moments. It’s a food scale that measures in ounces! Why is this gadget so helpful? Well, since I ... have been using the wonderful app MyFitnessPal, in which it can be used as a food diary, I have noticed that on several occasions, when trying to log in certain foods, the only portion options are in ounces. Before coming across our new scale, I would have no idea how many ounces were in the food I was eating at the time. But now, I can just weigh it on the scale, and BAM! ... So, if you too are trying to lose weight, or even just trying to cut down in portions, I would suggest investing in a scale that measures in ounces, or even better, find one at a garage sale!

Thalia Gonzalez

How the week went: This week has been great! I’ve been getting better and better at reading food labels and eating the right portions of the healthy foods. My body feels better than ever because I’ve changed the way I eat and also because of the way my diet is set up. I will continue to follow this process as the weeks and months go by. Next week I am going to work out a lot and push myself to reach my goal that I have in mind.

Kerrin Kramer

How the week went: This week I had two personal training sessions, and they were fun. I went to the YMCA almost every day, and got sweaty every time. I really enjoyed working out this week and I feel good.

Zain Rizwan

How the week went: I am still sticking to my vegan diet; it’s getting a lot easier. I’ve been going to the YMCA three to five times a week and exercising at home more. I have not been doing too well with not drinking pop, though. It’s getting better; I’m just still not there. Overall I’m happy with my progress so far.

Anna Shaffer

How the week went: This week I stayed at the same weight as last week, but I feel very confident. My clothes continue to feel smaller and I love it. One of my favorite snacks to eat is almonds. They have protein, they have all kinds of flavors and they’re usually low calorie. My favorite kinds are the vanilla bean and cinnamon roasted. They’re great on-the-go or if you just need a little snack. I definitely recommend them.


The Fit Crew is at the halfway mark in their Weighty Matters weight-loss journey. Check out their new photos in next Sunday’s Living. Also, read more of their blogs at