Political Notebook

  • Daniels: "The thing had a shot"
    The weekend before Thanksgiving seemed like a good time to breeze through the newly-released book Run Mitch, Run and entertain our readers with just a few of the innumerable interesting tidbits.
  • Daniels' near-presidential run dissected
    In the end, it was the lure of playing the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club that brought then-Gov. Mitch Daniels and a tight-knit group of friends and supporters together in the fall of 2009 to discuss whether he should run for
  • 2 Hoosiers named to U.S. House Energy Committee
    Reps. Susan Brooks, R-5th, and Larry Bucshon, R-8th, have been named to the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee for the 114th Congress.

Bosma lays HJR3 blame on Huntington lawmaker

While House Speaker Brian Bosma is taking heat for shifting the controversial gay marriage ban to a new committee for salvage, he is solely blaming another member – Rep. Dan Leonard, R-Huntington -- for the predicament.

Leonard was one of 9 Republicans on the Indiana House Judiciary Committee where the proposed constitutional amendment was assigned.

The Democrats on the committee were four known "no's" on the measure. That meant if three Republicans opposed it, the amendment would be defeated.

One GOP member made his opposition clear but two others were publicly undecided.

Leonard specifically refused to tell the chairman – or Bosma – how he would vote in advance. That meant Bosma couldn't be sure if it would pass or be defeated.

"My goal has from the start been to have this come to the floor because as I've said I don't think one person should be making this decision on behalf of all 100 members and that's what we were down to in the Judiciary committee. One person making the decision and taking away the opportunity for every member here to cast their vote, whether it's yes or no."

Reporters pointed out a defeat would have meant seven people voted against it – not one.

"I'm just telling you what my impression was when one person was not going to say what their vote was until it was cast and that's why the chairman asked me to move the bill. He didn't feel confident that he knew what was going to happen in committee," Bosma said.

"Hiding behind others, sending the bill down the tubes -- which a lot would like to have here -- I don't think is the right thing for Hoosiers."

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